Defence Bank - Our Success Stories

Our Success Stories

Stories and feedback from some of Defence Community Dog’s Veteran dog recipients:



Michael and ‘Lola’

”Lola has pulled me out of nightmares several times since I’ve had her".


“I normally suffer from kicking my feet and punching in my sleep, but Lola jumps up on the bed and lays straight across my feet and puts her weight on them. It brings me back to the real world".


“Having Lola is Absolutely Life Changing".






Mick and ‘Zac’

“The new member of the family has been a hit! Still lost for words. Zac is exactly what we needed.  So much joy and excitement around this place in a time that calls for plenty of it".


"Previously I was dwelling on the negatives in our life, my illness, doctors’ appointments, and my wife’s battle with cancer. Zac has brought a positive focus into my life.  My whole family loves Zac and he has brought laughter, joy and hope into our home".


"Thank you all the DCD team and all the boys training hard with the dogs. You are doing an amazing thing.  Keep it up".







Dave and ‘Winnie’

“I wish I could give higher than a 5 star rating for Defence Community Dogs. The whole process from my first contact with DCD, right through until graduation with my new dog Winnie, has been faultless and professional".


"I will do whatever I can in my life to give back to Defence Community Dogs, because they have given me a gift that is changing my life for the better.”







Jess and ‘Bentley’

“Bentley has proven time and time again why I need him. When I’m sad, anxious, angry, or having bad dreams he is always there. There is no better feeling in the world than when he chooses to come look you in the eyes or rest his head in your lap without me asking. For me it's him saying ‘mum, I’ve got you’".


I’m so happy I have Bentley, he couldn’t be any more perfect. Once again thank you to everyone who was a part of training and sponsoring Bentley. I appreciate it more than I could ever express".